How It Works

🛠️ Step One: Get to the Root of the Pattern with Emotional Repatterning


The Self-Study uses Emotional Repatterning to help guide students through a 30 day rewiring journey. This protocol blends scientific processes with intentional data extraction techniques and pattern assimilation to help students rewire their entire emotional response system. The entire 30 day journey will include daily lessons and fieldwork in Emotional Repatterning to help you turn the concepts presented in this workbook into new behavior and subconscious thought processes.

🛠️ Step Two: Shine a Light on Every Area Impacting Your Current Cycle + Stay Clear of Distractions

The data extraction process used in The Self-Study helps you recall pivotal moments that shaped your brain patterns without getting pulled into your narrative. When you allow your brain to recall memories in the form of story, you prevent yourself from accessing data rather than subjective perception. Throughout your 30 days, we always maintain an emphasis on data extraction over narrative simmering. We will never stir up memories from the past with no direction or intention. The Self-Study uses a variety of tool sets that help you get to the truth of your brain input / output relationships without getting wound up in the drama and chaos of your past.


🛠️ Step Three: Rewire the Pattern Daily with Potent Micro-Lessons

The Self-Study highlights the most important critical concepts in Break Method over a 30 day period. Each of these Micro-Lessons distills the high-level concept into a powerful and practical lesson that can be completed in less than 20 minutes. These short, potent lessons help you complete the full arc of an Emotional Repatterning immersion in just 30 days. 


🛠️ Step Four: Reinforce the New Behavior or Response with Fieldwork Exercises to Shift From Awareness ➡️ Action

Daily lessons always include Fieldwork exercises to teach you to apply the concept you've learned in the day's Micro-Lesson. Break Method is intently focused on teaching students how to practically embody concepts rather than hold them purely in some useless concept phase. The goal of The Self-Study is to help you understand what caused your patterns and how to rewire them completely. Fieldwork exercises help align your subconscious thoughts with your conscious desires so that you live your life in a different and tangible way.

🛠️ Step Five: Assimilate the Brain Pattern with Structured Self-Inquiry

Pattern Assimilation is a large focus of your workbook. Certain days will prompt you to reflect with intention and direction on previous days of work. You'll learn how to sift through your data extraction and shift into objective detective mode to understand you subconscious motivations and subjective perception of reality. Once you extract your pattern, you'll learn how to use that pattern to rapidly rewire your internal thoughts, behavior and future outlook in life.